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Basic course of ice cream, intended for all who wish to start in the area of ice cream, proposing innovation and solutions for their customers.

The course consists of a theoretical introduction of market contextualization, followed by the presentation of all the necessary ingredients for the production of both ice cream and popsicles, with their respective functions and description of the production process.

We also have a practical production class where we will present the development of ice cream and popsicles as well as tasting our products.

Course for those who want to start in the area of ​​ice cream. Soon new courses for improvement.



- Contextualization of the edible ice cream market

- Selection of raw materials and ingredients

- Introduction to Ice Cream Manufacturing

- Product tasting

- Overview of products and machinery needed

- Production of ice cream and popsicles.


Theory base

Overview of machinery

Lunch Break (Included)

Production of ice cream and popsicles

Tasting and discussion.


Date: 10/03/2020.

Schedule: From 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with lunch break.
Location: Doremus Alimentos Ltda.
Cost: R $ 200,00. (per person)

Method of payment: Deposit in advance.
Make your application: 11 2436-3333